pyiron.base.settings.install module


Parse the command line arguments.


argv – Command line arguments

pyiron.base.settings.install.install_pyiron(config_file_name='~/.pyiron', zip_file='', project_path='~/pyiron/projects', resource_directory='~/pyiron/resources', giturl_for_zip_file='', git_folder_name='pyiron-resources-master')[source]

Function to configure the pyiron installation.

  • config_file_name (str) – configuration file name - usually ~/.pyiron

  • zip_file (str) – name of the compressed file

  • project_path (str) – the location where pyiron is going to store the pyiron projects

  • resource_directory (str) – the location where the resouces (executables, potentials, …) for pyiron are stored.

  • giturl_for_zip_file (str) – url for the zipped resources file on github

  • git_folder_name (str) – name of the extracted folder